TOUUGEI – customer voice

水茎焼 陶芸教室

Customer’s Voice
There are customer’s voices we received from participants at our pottery class.
We would like to share a little bit with you so that you can feel the atmosphere of the class.

Thank you for the other day.  It was the first time to make pottery, but I could make a good ceramic item with your kind support.
I’m looking forward to having my original item.

Thank you for today.  I really enjoyed for my second challenge of making pottery.
I love the item which I made for the first time and I use it often.
I am waiting for my second one to come.  Next time I want to make a big bowl.
One thing I was so impressed this time was warm water of the washtub due to cold winter.
Thank you again.

Thank you for kind support even though we were kind of “difficult” guys.
With electrically-powered potter’s wheel, I enjoyed as if I was a potter.
I want to visit again and make other items someday.

I really enjoyed making ceramic items without worrying about time limit.
I like the lecture theater because I don’t think of other people.
Thank you so much.
I am looking forward to having the item

It was a great time with our company staff.
This was 3rd time of making pottery experience for me, but I was still not good at it.
However, I appreciate the kind support of your instructor and enjoyed the food menu as well.
I liked Chojifu so much.

Thank you for the other day.
This was my first challenge and I was not good at making it, however I could finish my pottery with the instructor’s help.
I am looking forward to seeing my item.
I want to visit you and try to make another one someday.

This was the first time I challenged to make pottery.
I spend a lot of time to finish it, but instructors are very kind to teach us.
We had a good talk about this experience on the way home, and we want to make pottery again.

Drawing with only blue color was my first experience and it was interesting.
At the shop, I want to have more designs with those Mizugukiyaki products.
I enjoyed the atmosphere at the restaurant and Yakiniku donburi was great taste.
It was fun and I could make a good memory in Shiga.  Thank you!

On the day I visited, there were a groups of customers so instructors must be so busy.
Instructor was kind to teach us how to make, even he helped me to form the shape mostly.
If I have a chance in the future, I want to make pottery again.
Thank you for a good day

Since I visited on a weekday, there are a few people.
Electrically-powered potter’s wheel was the first challenge for me.
With instructor’s support, I enjoyed time.
I am looking forward to receive the item.
I want to try electrically-powered potter’s wheel next time.  Thank you