Frequently Asked Questions about Mizugukiyaki

These are frequently asked questions about Mizugukiyaki.
Look at these FAQ first. Feel free to ask us if you still have questions.
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Q Do I have to make a reservation in advance?
A You can visit us without making reservation, however we recommend you to make a phone call to confirm seats availability.
Any visitors can attend Mizugukiyaki pottery class if the seats are available.
Please understand that the seats are fully reserved in some occasions.  Also the number of electrically-powered potter’s wheel is not so many, so sometimes we cannot meet your request.  Therefore we highly recommend you to make a reservation in advance.  When you make a reservation, let us know the date, the time, the number of people, and the plan that you want to attend.
Q When can I participate in the pottery class?
A We have different beginning time of pottery class with electrically-powered potter’s wheel and hand-powered potter’s wheel.
We accept you anytime during our office hours, but the time of instruction is fixed.

The instruction of making pottery with electrically-powered potter’s wheel starts at 00/30 every hour except 12:00 and 12:30.

The instruction of making pottery with hand-powered potter’s wheel starts at 15/45 every hour except 12:15 and 12:45.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

Q This is my first time to make pottery.  Is it O.K.?
A No problem.
All instructors are polite and friendly to support you if you need it.  Most visitors are their first time to make pottery at Mizugukiyaki.
Q Can small children participate in the lesson?
A No problem.
Many preschool children come to enjoy Mizugukiyaki pottery class.

Using potter’s wheel might be a little difficult, but they enjoy playing with clay and make a good memory.   Small children make dishes and dolls with their hands.  Instructors will help you as you need it.  Also, co-production plan of parent and child is available.

Q I want to know the seating capacity.
A 400 seats at Omihachiman, 120 seats at Nagahama, 480 seats for visiting services
At Omihachiman, there are 300 seats in the building and 100 seats at terrace area outside the building in general.  We accept big groups such as school trip.  At Nagahama, there are 120 seats in general, but we can prepare max.140 seats even though the space between seats is narrow.  Max. seating capacity for visiting service is 480.
Q Do you have pickup bus?
A Sorry.  We don’t have pickup service.
We are sorry, but we don’t have pickup bus.  Please use public transport service.  There is the bus service from Omihachiman station.
Q How long does it take to receive my pottery items?
A Approximately 45 days.
It takes about 35 to 55 days in general until we ship your pottery items.

The processes are as follows.

After you finished forming items, we dry them in shade for 2 to 3 weeks.  After drying, we bake these items in a kiln.  Then, we polish these bisque with sandpaper, dip them into glaze, and bake them in a kiln again.   This time, it takes more than 16 hours to bake these items and therefore it takes time for a few days, to cool down before we can take them out from the kiln.  We sort them according to numbers and inspect them thoroughly.  We wrap them securely and we contact/ship you.