TOUGEI – hand wheel

Pottery making with hand-powered potter’s wheel

水茎焼 陶芸教室 滋賀 近江八幡 長浜 手廻しロクロで陶芸体験

With hand-powered potter’s wheel, you can make your own pottery.
Instruction starts at 00/30 every hour.

動画は音が出ますのでご注意ください ロクロを使ったヒモ作り製法の動画はこちら

★ こちらをクリック ★

女性A: う~ん、どうしようかな
女性B: どうしたの?
女性A: ここがうまくいかないのよね・・・スタッフさんに聞いてみよ! すみませーん!

スタッフ: はい!どうされましたか?
女性A: アドバイスお願いします!ここをこうしたいんですが
スタッフ: これはですね、こうされるといいんですよ!
女性A: わ~!ほんとだ!ステキ!

スタッフ: ちなみにこの器はご自身用ですか?
女性A: え~そんなの!内緒です (* ̄∇ ̄*)
女性B: お!誰かにあげる気だな!誰かな~?(>w< )

When you want to enjoy with a group, such as family and colleagues, this pottery making with hand-powered potter’s wheel should be a good choice.

Even if this is the first challenge for you, our skilled instructors will support you.  Children are welcome as well.

As long as the seats are available, you can visit us anytime you want.  However, we recommend you to make a reservation in advance if you want to visit as a group.  We will reserve the seats for you.  Moving image

※ 手廻しロクロ 作り方

▼Pottery making with hand-powered potter’s wheel (for a person, tax is not included)

※Instruction starts at 00/30 every hour except 12:00/12:30.

Regular plan Adult  1600yen (+tax)
Under 12 years old 1100yen (+tax)

Item/ anything you want (a coffee cup, a dish, a tea bowl)

Required time/ 60-90min.

Attendance Seating Charge 300yen (+tax)

If you need a seat to help your children or to take picture without making pottery, you need to pay for this charge.  The seats are limited, so only those who attend the pottery class can be seated.

Extended plan A 3300yen (+tax)

Item/ 1~10items (2.5times more clay)

Extended plan B/ 5500yen (+tax)

Item/ 1~15items (4.5times more clay)

The clay cannot be shared with other people.  Each person should admit the plan independently.

Easy plan (Hokkougama only 1000yen (+tax)

Item/ 1 small item

Required time/ 20min.

Our original color is Mizuguki Seiji, a celadon green.  But other glaze colors are available as well. See color sample

▼ Attention!  For those who attend pottery making class. ▼
If you worry about your clothes, please wear an apron.

Since you touch the clay directly, some small fragments can be remained in your fingernails. Be careful with your fashion nails.