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水茎焼 陶芸教室 近江牛野外バーベキュープラン カフェレストラン ぴくにっくらんち

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Outside terrace with roof

It is spacious in the building.

Small room for groups

~ Party plan with Omi Beef ~
■ About Omi Beef ■
Omi Beef is one of the three famous Japanese Brand Beef with Matsuzaka Beef and Kobe Beef for other two.
Those beef cattle are grown in rich nature surrounded with high mountains and Lake Biwa, the biggest lake of Japan.
The characteristics of Omi Beef is its rich flavor of meet.
Special viscosity of good quality fat and meat is characteristics of Omi Beef’s fine marbling.
Special flavor created from the meat is almost the king of the beef.
Fine meet is also very soft when you bite it.
Please check this page for more details about Omi Beef.

Omi Beef BBQ

Don’t you try Omi Beef BBQ in the nature?
We recommend you grill the beef lightly, which is the best time to eat it.
It also includes yakisoba at the last of BBQ.
It is fun and delicious when you make yakisoba with your family and friends.
There are three BBQ plans, Matsu, Take, and Ume.
Please check this page for more details about Omi Beef.

Omi Beef Sukiyaki

In addition to the taste itself, you will enjoy the sound, which the meat creates in the iron pan of Sukiyaki.
When the meat is done in the pan of sukiyaki stock, put it in the bowl of mixed egg.
Enjoy the harmony of meat and egg.  It should be a good cheer.
There are three Sukiyaki plans, Matsu, Take, and Ume.
Please check this page for more details about Omi Beef.

Omi Beef Shabu Shabu

Put a slice of meat into the boiled water in the pot and eat it with ponzu vinegar.

You can enjoy the real taste of Omi Beef.  The fine marbling melting in your mouth is the perfect moment.

There are three Shabu Shabu plans, Matsu, Take, and Ume.
Please check this page for more details about Omi Beef.

~ Other Party Plans ~

Kamonabe (a pot dish of cooked duck)

Kamonabe represents the cooking of Lake Biwa winter.
Cook the duck in the boiled stock specially made of dried bonito.
Not only the duck meat, but also vegetables with the soup are great.
At the finish of Kamonabe, add soba noodle in the soup.  The soup with duck meat and vegetables makes a special flavor and you will enjoy soba noodle with it.
※ Kamonabe is available from Nov. to Mar only.

Taimatsu nabe

Taimatsu nabe is very distinctive appearance.
It is pork Shabu Shabu basically, but the way of cooking is different from usual Shabu Shabu.At first, fill the sake (rice wine) in the pot.  After the sake is boiled, turn off the light of the room and set fire above the pot.
Now you can see the beautiful fire flame above the pot due to its alcohol.
alcohol is gone, put the slice of pork in the boiled sake and dip into ponzu vinegar to eat it.
Sake makes the pork soft and flavorful.Even though we use sake, alcohol is all gone before you eat, so don’t worry if you are not good at drinking alcohol.The finish of this Taimatsu nabe is Chinese noodle.  You enjoy the flavorful soup with soy source and several toppings.  You should like it.

※ Please make a reservation more than 6 people for this Taimatsu nabe plan.



Chinese Chanko nabe

Chinese Chanko soup is based on Paitan soup, a slow-cooked chicken broth.
Vegetables are locally produced and very fresh.Please try our homemade tsumire (chicken ball) with the soup.At the finish, adding Chinese noodle and make Paitan ramen.  This healthy Chinese Chanko nabe fulfills your stomach for sure.