Pottery class and food menu

Pottery class and food menu

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Date you want to participate in pottery class
Time when you arrive Mizugukiyaki Togei no Sato
hr  min

※Time should be from 9:00a.m. to 4:30p.m.  There is no class at noon (12 o’clock).
※With hand-powered potter’s wheel/ class starts at 00/30 every hour, 4:30p.m. is the last class.

With electrically-powered potter’s wheel/ class starts at 15/45 every hour, 4:15p.m. is the last class.  There is no class at noon.

Last order should be made by 13:30 and the restaurant will be closed on 14:00.

※If you want to make reservation today, please contact us by telephone.
※Cancellation should be made by 9:00a.m. on the date you arrive.  It is impossible to cancel when you arrive.

Plans  price required time item number
potter’s wheel
Easy plan 2,420yen 30~40min 1
Regular plan 4,840yen 40~60min ~3
potter’s wheel
Regular plan (adult) 1,760yen 60min 1
Regular plan (child) 1,210yen 60min 1
Extended plan 3,630yen 60~120min ~5


number of people ご利用人数 people 
ご見学人数 people
attendance seats (not make pottery)



Food menu
(Apr. to Nov.)
Omi Beef BBQ
Omi Beef Sukiyaki (group)
Omi Beef Shabu Shabu
Omi Beef Tobanyaki steak
Omi Beef Gozen
Omi Beef Sukiyaki (personal pot)
Kyodoryori Shikizen

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※There is also FAQs you can check first.

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