To teachers those who considering school trip to Kansai area

To teachers those who considering school trip to Kansai area

Making original pottery with a good memory

School trip is one of the big events of school days.

Mizugukiyaki pottery class is the best choice for students to make a great memory with friends.

It is possible to make combination with other activities at Lake Biwa, such as swimming in the lake, canoeing and kayaking.  Through the variety of activities, all students can experience a great time in Shiga.

Price List

☆Mizugukiyaki pottery making plan

The group should be over 30 people.  The price above includes tax and shipping cost.

Required time above is approximate.  It is adjustable according to your request.

Pottery items will be finished about 50 days after you formed them, but it is also possible to adjust a little if you need.  Please feel free to contact us for such requests.


Pottery class 60min.  1200yen

Each student can make 1 item, such as a tea cup, a mug, or a small dish.


Pottery class 90min.  1700yen

Each student can make 2 items at most, such as a rice bowl, a big mug, 2 tea cups, and/or a lunch plate.

Making Pottery, 3 enjoyment

We think there are 3 enjoyments for pottery making.

First enjoyment is when you “make” your own pottery item at the pottery class.

Second enjoyment is when you use the item when it arrives you.

Third enjoyment is when you think of the days when you made the pottery at Mizugukiyaki.

You can add the date and the name of your friends on the pottery item to remember this day.

It is a characteristics of ceramics that they last a long time, more than decades sometimes.

When the pottery item comes to you, you will use it gladly with thinking about the time you made with friends.  As time passes through, you may not use it anymore when you find another user-friendly item and put the pottery item (you made) away.  However, you don’t dump it, you just store it in the cupboard.

After several years, when you experience a big life event such as new school, new job, or marriage, you may find the pottery item from the cupboard.  It reminds you the time you made the pottery at school trip.

It is the best time of the pottery item.

It reminds you the good memory of school days and about the school trip to Shiga.
Memory does not pale into insignificance.  It stays with you forever.

That is why we recommend you to add the date and the name of your friends on the pottery item you make.

We always keep in mind that we are helping you to make a great memory not only helping you to make pottery.

At some schools, they hold an exhibition at school.

We have many experiences to accept school trips.

The seating capacity is 400, so we arrange the seats according to your request.

See the map in the building

General seating arrangement The max. seating capacity is 260 inside the building, 140 outside the building, the total 400.
Dividing into boys and girls 200 seats inside the building
Dividing into small groups 180 seats inside the building
For food menu 100 seats inside the building, 140seats outside the building
Pottery Class and Lunch Max. seating capacity is 240.  We need additional time below to change the table arrangement.
(Recommended) Eating lunch first, pottery class later  30min. required
Pottery class first, eating lunch later  60 – 90min. required (disinfecting all tables)


We accept about 100 schools annually.  We have 30 years of experience.
With many experiences of accepting school trips, we surely help students to make a good memory at Mizugukiyaki pottery class.  Schools of first time and with special needs are all welcome.

Visiting service of pottery class is also available in Shiga and to other prefectures.

We also have visiting service of pottery schools in Shiga and to other prefectures according to your request.  In the past we went to Osaka, Kyoto, Mie and Aichi prefecture.

3 characteristics of Mizugukiyaki pottery class

1. Simple and easy pottery making for anyone
With hand-powered potter’s wheel, it is simple and easy to make pottery.  So all students enjoy it.

2. All seats are reserved for one school
Although our max. seating capacity is 400, we accept only one school at once if the participants are over 80.

3. Pottery class in Shiga and other prefecture
We visit your school for instructing pottery making anywhere in Shiga.  Even if your school is not in Shiga, we may be able to visit you if the date and place is acceptable.  In the past we had pottery classes in Osaka, Kyoto, Mie and Aichi prefecture.  For visiting pottery class, the group should be more than 480 participants including teachers who attend pottery class.

This letter is from 10 year old student.

There is an instructor for each class to support students all the time.  So, students can ask question to the instructor anytime when they need. With kind support of instructors, all students can spend a good time at Mizugukiyaki.

This is from a girl who came with her family.

This girl tried to form a piano with clay.  As long as keeping several rules such as “not to make too thin” and “not to change the shape once you form an item”, you can form any type of item with clay to make original item.  Even if you only squeezed the clay, it can be your original ceramics.

This is from the teacher to our Nagahama pottery class.

It is also a great time when the items arrive you and hold an exhibition at school.  Even though the item is too heavy to use or strange shape, it is meaningful to see each student’s item with lots of memory.

You can enjoy ceramic painting about 30 -60min.
(The price list below does not include wrapping/shipping charge.)

Dish with diameter 14cm


Tea cup with diameter 7cm, height 7cm


Mug with diameter 8cm, height 8cm


Rice bowl with diameter 11cm, heigh 6cm




(From Kyoto) From Ryuo IC, it takes 30min. to Mizugukiyaki Togei no Sato.

(From Nagoya) From Hikone IC, it takes 40min. to Mizugukiyaki Togei no Sato.  Your car navigation system may recommend you Yokaichi IC, but we recommend you to use Hikone IC because it takes less time to arrive and you can enjoy looking Lake Biwa from the window.

Train/  JR Biwako Line, Omihachiman station.  Take a public bus bound for Chomeiji or Kyukamura, to Togei no Sato bus stop. It takes about 20min by bus.


Q.Can I examine the place beforehand?

Yes, you can examine our place beforehand.  Please make an appointment in advance to avoid the time of fully reserved.

Q.Are there any students of other school when we have the pottery class?

If your students are over 80, all seats are reserved for your school.

Q.Is it possible that items will be broken? If so, how can you deal with it?

We handle your items carefully, but cracking and breaking can be happened sometimes.  If your item is broken and cannot be repaired, we are so sorry but we replace it to our original item with your name on it.

Q.Are there any restaurant that we can eat lunch?

We have the restaurant as well.  Max. seating capacity of the restaurant is 120, the max. capacity of the terrace outside is 140.  If you are more than 200 people, there are special plans of pottery class and food menu.

Feel free to ask questions for more detail.

Food menu for students

The photos below are images, the food menu is different according to the season.

Sukiyaki set/Sukiyaki, fries, small plate, rice

Student Sukiyaki Ume  1000yen
Student Sukiyaki Take  1650yen
Student Sukiyaki Matsu  2200yen
If you cannot eat meat, there is Sukiyaki with seafood.

BBQ outside/ beef, pork, sausage, vegetables, rice

Students BBQ 2750yen
Students Omi Beef BBQ  3850yen

Chanko/ Chanko, fries, rice

Chanko Ume 1100yen
Chanko Take  1650yen
Chanko Matsu 2200yen

Kokoku Irodori Bento

Kokoku Irodori Bento 1100yen
Kokoku Irodori Bento with Omi Beef  2200yen

Special Bento, Kokoku no Utage

Omi beef, Akakonnnyaku, Chojifu, fish from Lake Biwa etc.

Attention to those who make reservation for pottery class and food menu

Depending on the food menu, the seating capacity is changeable.  In general, we accept 100 people in the building and 140 people outside the building.  We need additional time to rearrange the tables, so the food menu you can choose is bento only.

For students with allergy

If some students have food allergy to specific food products, please feel free to ask us for alternate food menu.  We will provide you the list of foods and ingredients beforehand, so you can check the list first and make a decision.  If you have any request to alternate the food product for some students, let us know.  We will discuss about it with you.

Mizukagami, eco-friendly rice

We serve a famous Mizukagami at our restaurant.  Mizukagami is the rice produced in Shiga and won the special A award for 3 years at the competitive exhibition.  Its appearance is shiny white and its taste is mildly sweet.  Please enjoy Mizukagami at our restaurant.  Sometimes, we may serve Koshihikari of Uonuma, Niigata when Mizukagami is not available.

Price for pottery class and food menu

You can calculate the price by adding food menu price on the pottery class (60min./90min.).
Pottery class 60min. + Kokoku Irodori Bento = 2300yen
Pottery class 90min. + Omi Beef BBQ = 5500yen
Ceramic painting + Sukiyaki Take = 800 + 1650 +shipping charge

Information about places and institutions for school trip near from Mizugukiyaki Togei no Sato

required time for driving from Mizugukiyaki Togei no Sato

Max. seating capacity is 400, but all seats are reserved for one group if the group has over 80 participants.  Therefore, we recommend you to contact us to check the availability if you are interested in Mizugukiyaki pottery class.

Office hours 9:00 to 17:00
Close on Wednesday except the group reservation

TEL:0748-33-1345 FAX:0748-32-7607

If there is a request, our representative can make a speech about job, working experience and future dream based on his experience before/after the pottery class.