Standard & Forseasons

水茎焼 陶芸教室 近江牛野外バーベキュープラン カフェレストラン ぴくにっくらんち

We serve you these standard menus all the time. Come and eat anytime you want.

~ Standard food menu ~

Kush katsu set (fried pork and vegetables)


1000yen (+tax)


1500yen (+tax)
You can enjoy seasonal food with this Kush katsu, which has been a popular menu for many years.  Enjoy them with our special ponzu vinegar.


Omi Beef Yakiniku set

150yen (+tax)
本場近江牛を、自家製の特性タレで仕上げた豪快な近江牛焼肉セット。新鮮シャキシャキの地元産キャベツと一緒にお召し上がり下さい。 創業当時からある串セットと並ぶ、水茎焼レストランお馴染みの逸品です。

White snow pork cutlet set

1200yen (+tax)
Enjoy this pork cutlet with grated Japanese white radish.  It tastes simple, so nice to your stomach.   You may eat a lot of rice with it

Italian Pork cutlet set

1200yen (+tax)
Enjoy the combination of melted cheese and tomato sauce which makes perfect taste with this Italian pork cutlet set.
Bottled beer
500yen (+tax)
Barely shochu and cold/hot water
500yen (+tax)
Barely shochu
800yen (+tax)
Lemon white liquor highball
600yen (+tax)
Whisky and cold/hot water
500yen (+tax)
800yen (+tax)
Local Sake 180ml (cold/ordinal/hot)
800yen (+tax)
Plum liquor and cold/hot water
500yen (+tax)
Plum liquor
800yen (+tax)
600yen (+tax)
Alcohol-free beer
400yen (+tax)


Same sake, taste different?
If you drink sake with the sake cup on the right, it tastes a little sweet.  If you drink the same sake with the sake cup on the left, it tastes a little dry.  It might be strange, but different sake cup brings different taste with the same sake.  Please try it!