Mizugukiyaki Pottery class

水茎焼 陶芸教室 近江牛野外バーベキュープラン カフェレストラン ぴくにっくらんち

Mizugukiyaki pottery class is located at Omihachiman and Nagahama, Shiga.
Both beginners and skilled people are welcome to join us.

About Mizugukiyaki pottery making class ~1 day lesson at Omihachiman and Nagahama

Instructors are skilled and experienced.
● With polite and friendly instruction, beginners can enjoy their first time pottery experience.
● Pottery making with hand-powered potter’s wheel starts at 00/30 every hour.
Pottery making with electrically-powered potter’s wheel starts at 15/45 every hour.
If you come as group, the instruction schedule can be arranged separately.
● Max. seating capacity: 400 at Omihachiman, 140 at Nagahama, 480 for visiting service.
● With our various pottery making plans, you can make big and tall pottery items without worrying about time.
● Mizugukiyaki original glaze color is celadon green, but we offer other color glazes as well.Here is color sample.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Pottery making with electrically-powered potter’s wheel

Pottery making with hand-powered potter’s wheel

For children’s group/ Delivery lesson service

Ceramic Painting lesson

Glaze color samples

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How about great lunch after your memorial experience?
We offer several food menus at the restaurant. Guests for restaurant-use only are welcomed as well.

Restaurant seating capacity is generally 80 including counter seats.
Depending on food menu, max.120 seats can be arranged.

We also have small room for group of people.(14 seats/max.20 seats)

BBQ garden seating capacity is 140 for adults and 160 for children.

If you use both inside and outside of building, more than 200 seats can be arranged.

Feel free to ask any question.