TOUGEI – drowing

Ceramic Painting Class


水茎焼 陶芸教室 滋賀 近江八幡 長浜 絵付教室

How about drawing picture on the pottery?
This is very quick and easy experience to make your original pottery.  Beginners are welcome.

In addition to making pottery class with forming clay, we offer you ceramic painting class as well.
If you like drawing, this is good for you.

Let’s make your original ceramic item with your drawing on it.

Ceramic painting class is good for people who want to make some memorial item of your trip like a postcard from journey.  You can attend this quick and easy ceramic painting class anytime without reservation if the seats are available. We are sure this original ceramic item will be your good memory.

▼Ceramic painting class (tax is not included in the price below, the price is for a person)

※2 classes/ hour Class starts at 00/30 every hour except 12:00/12:30.

Ceramic painting 700yen (+tax) Original ceramic item with your drawing

Item:  See the item list below

Time required:  30 ~ 60min.

Attendant seats charge
300 yen (+tax) If you want to help your child, additional 300 yen (+tax) will be charged for your seat.

Due to the seating capacity, seats are available for those who participate the pottery class.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

絵付け教室 湯呑 見本 Yunomi (teacup)
diameter 6.5cm/ height 8.5cm  750yen (+tax)
絵付け教室 6寸皿 見本 Dish #4
diameter 14.5cm/ height 2.5cm 700yen (+tax)
diameter 8cm/ height 9cm  800yen(+tax)

絵付け教室 茶碗 見本

Rice bowl
diameter 11.5cm/ weight 240g 800yen (+tax)

絵付け教室 ジュースカップ 見本

Juice cup
diameter 8.5cm/ height 10.5cm  900yen (+tax)
絵付け教室 焼酎カップ 見本 Rice bowl (light)
diameter 11cm/ weight 150g  900yen (+tax)

Dish #6
diameter 19.5cm/ height 3.5cm  1200yen (+tax)
Dish #8
diameter 23.2cm/ height 4.5cm  3000yen (+tax)
The size description above is approximate, so there might be slight differences from the item you choose.
Thank you for your generous understanding.


▼ Attention to those who attend ceramic painting class ▼
We use a special paint to draw on the ceramics.  If you put the paint on your clothing, the stain is not removable.  We recommend you to wear an apron.  For kids, it is better if you can bring working clothes.