TOUGEI – throwing

Pottery making with electrically-powered potter’s wheel


水茎焼 陶芸教室 滋賀 近江八幡 長浜電動ロクロで陶芸体験

水茎焼陶芸教室 電動ロクロ カップルのデートコースに! ご家族・ご友人でもお楽しみください! 

Using electrically-powered potter’s wheel, you will enjoy real experience of making original ceramics.
Instruction starts at 15/45 every hour.

カップルで陶芸教室 仲良く、たのしく!

女性: どう?順調?ってあらら~
男性: あらら~ってなんだよ~!
女性: なかなか…ププ(* ̄m ̄)

男性: そういうおまえはどうなの?
女性: 私?見て、これ!なかなかでしょう?(* ̄ー ̄)v
男性: む、むむ、なかなかやるな~!


You may think using electrically-powered potter’s wheel is so difficult, but don’t worry.  Even if this is the first challenge for you, our skilled instructors will support you.

Skilled guests are also welcome!

Let’s enjoy pottery making with your family and friends.

▼Electrically-powered potter’s wheel (for a person, tax is not included)

※Instruction/ 15/45 at every hour except 12:15/12:45.

Easy plan 2200yen (+tax) Item/ 1 item (a tea cup, a mug, a rice bowl, a bowl) if you want to make a big item, choose
Regular plan Required time/ 20 – 40min Item/ 1 ~ 3 items (a coffee cup, a dish, a tea bowl) the clay cannot be shared with another person.Required time/ 60min.

Color/ Mizuguki Seiji  (celadon green)  Other colors are also available. See color sample

▼ Attention!  For those who attend pottery making class. ▼
You should wear apron when you use electrically-powered potter’s wheel.
Since you touch the clay directly, some small fragments can be remained in your fingernails. Be careful with your fashion nails.

Is pottery making with electrically-powered potter’s wheel difficult?

—NO!  If you listen to our instruction well, anyone can do it.




※ Here is a moving image, how to make pottery with electrically-powered potter’s wheel.