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Special plans for children’s groups and visiting service of pottery class.

水茎焼 陶芸教室 滋賀 近江八幡 長浜 子供会パック・出張陶芸教室

We have special plans including pottery class and food menu for children’s groups.
Also, we provide visiting services to schools and other facilities so that you can experience pottery making without visiting us.
the price list

This special plans apply to the groups with more than 20 participants.
If you are less than 20, sorry but you cannot use this plan.

Aちゃん:いいね!親孝行 ^^

Bちゃん:すごい!いつも騒がしい2人が無言だよ(* ̄m ̄)


Small children can enjoy pottery making and create their original pottery.
You don’t have to use potter’s wheel.
See the moving image for your reference.

There is less opportunities for children to play outside and touch the nature directly in recent days.
So, we think playing with clay can be a precious moment for them to touch the nature product.

Instructors are friendly and polite to teach children, so you can enjoy pottery making.

Pottery class is good for children’s groups, such as sports club members and regional children groups, and for school events.
Let’s make your original pottery with friends and family.

▼Children’s groups plan/ visiting services of pottery class (advanced reservation is necessary, the price is for a person, it doesn’t include tax)

Children’s group plan(at Omihachiman only, more than 20 children)

○Yakisoba Plan(120min.), includes pottery making and Yakisoba for lunch.
Children 2100yen (+tax)
Adult 2500yen (+tax)
Food menu only for adult 1600yen (+tax




○BBQ plan(120min.), includes pottery making and BBQ at outside. Good for spring, summer and autumn.
Children 3500yen (+tax) Adult 3900yen (+tax) BBQ only for adult 3000yen (+tax


○Ramen nabe plan(120min.), includes pottery making and ramen nabe.  Good for winter season.
Children 2100yen (+tax) Adult 2400yen (+tax)  Food menu only for adult 1600yen (+tax)




○Curry and rice plan(90min.), includes pottery making and curry and rice.
Children 1600yen (+tax) Adult 2000yen (+tax)  Food menu only for adult 1100yen (+tax)

A mug, a tea cup, a flower vase, a dish, a relief, etc.

○Visiting service for children’s groups (more than 50 participants)

Children 1100yen (+tax) Visiting service charge is from 5000yen (+tax) depending on the region. We will visit your facility, such as community center and school gymnastic hall.  We bring all necessary tools with us. Required time is 60-90min. Item is a mug, a tea cup, a flower vase, a dish, a bowl.  We teach the story of Mizugukiyaki and show you how to make.  We will visit anywhere in Shiga (or other prefecture) with additional visiting service charge.

○Visiting service for family day event of kindergarten and elementary school


1 item for family/ 1300yen (+tax) 1item each for a child and a parent/ 1800yen (+tax)

Visiting service charge is from 5500yen (+tax) depending on the region.

Pottery making at the family recreation day can be a good memory for children and their parents.

Item will be a soil bell, a tea cup, a flower vase, a bowl, an ashtray, a mug, etc. Required time is 60-90min.  We teach the story of Mizugukiyaki and show you how to make.  We will visit anywhere in Shiga (or other prefecture) with additional visiting service charge.

○Pottery making for graduation souvenir for nursery, kindergarten, elementary school and junior high school students
We will visit you and help you to make memorial items.

Item example/ the relief of individual face, hand shape, or school song, the big totem pole (diameter 38cm, height 90cm) with everyone’s relief, the relief of regional folk tale, etc.

Our original color is Mizuguki Seiji, a celadon green.  But other glaze colors are available as well. See color sample

▼ Attention to customers ▼
For visiting service of pottery class, there is the minimum number of participants depending on the region and season, so please check with us in advance.
If you worry about your clothes, please wear an apron.
Since you touch the clay directly, some small fragments can be remained in your fingernails. Be careful with your fashion nails.

Information about places and institutions near from Mizugukiyaki Togei no Sato.  Please check with each institution/facility for detailed information.


Shiga Prefectural Azuchi Castle Archaeological Museum (25min. by car)

Enjoy wearing Ninja suits and look around the museum. (500yen + admission fee) Contact/0748-46-2424


Lake Biwa Museum (40min. by car)
Contact/ 077-568-4811
Biwako Marriott Hotel (20min. by car
Enjoy watching stars at the planetarium.  Contact/ 077-585-6100

アグリパークで味覚狩り 画像クリックで公式webページへ

Enjoy season’s fruits.  Contact/0748-57-1311

ヤンマーミュージアム 画像クリックで公式ページへ

Yammer Museum (60min. by car)

Fantastic experience of variety of vehicles. Contact/06-6376-6211