Cafe – Customer Voice

水茎焼 陶芸教室 近江牛野外バーベキュープラン カフェレストラン ぴくにっくらんち
Here is customer voices about our restaurant.

▼ Kyodoryori ▼

I really enjoyed Kyodoryori.  Especially I loved pork kakuni which is tasty and good in volume.  I am looking forward to having it next time again.

Although I live in Omihachiman, but I do enjoy your Kyodoryori all the time.

I love pork kakuni so much!!!

The taste is just right and it was tasty.  Also I liked the wild flowers on the table.

I was hesitating to eat Akakonnyaku at first, but once I bit it I enjoyed.  It was like usual konnyaku.

It was good in appearance, in color, and in taste.  Locally produced fresh vegetables should be the secret.  It is great to experience local taste with local food, please keep this forever.

We just had a coffee last time, but we had Kyodoryori this time.  It was good taste and we both really enjoyed it.

Kyodoryori was so good.  It was the first challenge for me to taste Akakonnyaku and Chojifu, but I liked them.  It is fun to try new food maybe because I am a woman.

The taste was simple and tasty.  The appearance was a little gorgeous. Also, the dish added a good spice to the food.  I wish I could have this in Nagoya as well.

I like Kyodoryori with the taste of local food.  I feel cozy because the taste is more like “at home”.  I like pork kakuni and Chojifu no karashiae so much.

I liked its mild favor and enjoyed many kinds of food.  It was nice to eating food with looking at pottery making.

The fried Shiitake mushroom was so good.

It was great.  I liked a lot.  I wish I could come again.

It was tasty.  Also, I loved the flowers on the table.  Thank you for your kindness.

There are more foods than I imagined from the photo.  I liked pork Kakuni so much.  All small dishes are lightly seasoned, so I could enjoyed them all.  I want to bring my friend next time.

The taste was mild flavored and tasty, so I could eat a lot.  I also enjoyed looking at the dish and bowl as well.

Kyodoryori was tasty.  I enjoyed the pudding.  I cannot believe it is just 100yen.

I have not eaten Chojifu no karashiae for long time, but I enjoyed it a lot.

Café menu and food menu

▼ Café menu and food menu ▼

I enjoyed drinking with Pearl Pink beer cup.

Spaghetti was tastier than I expected.  My son enjoyed Kush katsu and he liked it.  Next time I will challenge Kyodoryori.

It was great time to have a lunch and enjoyed Mizugukiyaki ceramics as well.

Eating outside with feeling nature was so good experience.

Eating with Mizugukiyaki ceramics was tasteful moment.  Keep it forever.

I liked the atmosphere of the restaurant.  The object made of reed glass was nice.

I enjoyed drinking beer with the Mediterranean Sea blue beer cup.  I bought it home.

Kush katsu was so hot and tasty.

It was really tasty.  I was so full but I could eat pudding.

The curry was tasty and loose, which I liked a lot.

The dish of pilaf was cute.  With excellent dish, the food become tastier.  I will buy the dish later.  Also, all staff are so nice and polite.

My kids really enjoyed the food at the restaurant.  My 3 year old son loved the pudding so much and he ate 3 puddings.  I will bring him again.

Fries are hot and tasty.  I liked the rice as well.  Is it Omi rice?

I enjoyed Yakiniku Donburi very much.  I want to visit again.  Large size is great!

The rice was soft and tasty.

Since I was tired and hungry, I could survive with your food.

I ordered special curry and rice with pork cutlet.  It was hot, so I could become warm after touring on a bike.

I enjoyed Kush katsu.  The taste was simple, so 10pcs is good enough to eat.

The pork cutlet of curry and rice was crispy and good.  Serving the curry and pork cutlet separately was good idea.  I liked the pudding, it was simple and tasty.

I enjoyed the atmosphere and homemade taste food.  I want to use the restaurant for my wedding party someday.  I want to serve your pudding to my guests.

The original pottery added a good taste on the food.  It was a good time.

Nice wooden atmosphere was impressive.  Eating with Mizugukiyaki pottery will increase a warmth.  After the pottery class, going up the stairs is nice feeling.

▼ Party Menu ▼

I enjoy Omi Beef BBQ outside with my group.  I am grad to eat both beef and pork.  There was alcohol free beer, so I could enjoy drinking as a driver.

I ordered Taimatsu nabe.  I was surprised by sake, the fire and the delicious pork.  The pork included the taste of sake and I ate a lot.  The Chinese noodle after Shabu Shabu was great finish.

▼ Dessert ▼

Pudding was tasty.  I cannot believe it is 100yen only.

I liked the cup of the pudding.  Thank you!

It is great to have the pudding and the cup.  Add more menus with Mizugukiyaki ceramics.

The pudding was homemade taste, and it was good.  Keep 100yen for that.

Pudding set includes the cup was so good value.

I always order this pudding when I visit here.

I love the pudding.