Wedding Gift Plan

Do you want to make a special gift for your parents?

At the end of the wedding reception, why don’t you show your appreciation to your parents with your original ceramic items?  We will help you

Wedding gift plan for couples(including 4 items) 


item quantity 4 items/ Each person makes 2 items for his/her parents in general.
how to make You will make pottery with electrically-powered potter’s wheel.
Don’t worry if this is the first time you challenge pottery making, our instructors will support you
Glaze color You will choose the glaze color from 10 colors.
→See color samples
(There are some exceptions, please contact us for more details.)
Additional message on the item You can add your messages on the items with paintbrush if you can visit us on another day after you finished forming your items
Gift box
We will wrap the items securely and put them into the gift box which is made of reed of Lake Biwa. (Image on the right) 琵琶湖の葦から作成の箱
We will use Japanese paper for wrapping the gift box. (Image on the right) 包装用の和紙で包んで完了
Shipping charge Wrapping and shipping charge are included in the price above.  We can send the gift box to your wedding hall if you want.
Time required About 1 hour to finish.
完成までの期間 Generally, it takes about a month and a half to ship you.

However, if you don’t have enough time before your wedding, let us know.  We try to meet your needs as much as we can

▼ Attention!  For those who attend pottery making class. ▼
You should wear an apron when you use electrically-powered potter’s wheel.
Since you touch the clay directly, some small fragments can be remained in your fingernails. Be careful with your fashion nails.

Sample/ a rice bowl and a tea cup

You can add your message on them.

* Pottery Making Class *
Beginners are welcome!  We will support you.


Q&AFAQ about wedding gift plan
Q How soon do I have to make items?
A We recommend you to visit us before a month and a half of your wedding.  If you don’t have enough time, let us know.  We try to make your needs as much as we can.
Q I am not good at crafts and making pottery.
A Don’t worry.  Our friendly instructors will supports you politely.  We are always around you at the pottery class, feel free to ask us if you have any questions.